5 Simple Rules Of Dressing Up

There are rules for everything and the way you dress up has some hard and fast rules as well. If you think that wearing all those Versace jeans and D&G shirts is going to label you as stylish, then you are totally wrong. And, this is the biggest rule of all: wearing designer brands does not make you look good instantly. It is the fitting which counts the most. Let’s have a look at how to dress up by following these 5 simple rules.

Fitting is Essential

Ask any designer about the importance of fitting and you will get one answer that it is the key to how whatever you wear makes you look good. Whether it is your three-piece suits or your tailor dress shirts, the fitting matters the most. Remember that all the attire for men is supposed to create certain silhouettes which only can be offered by a perfect fitting. You do not always have to rush to a tailor to get everything stitched; instead you should try on whatever you are planning to buy in the store. Most of the stores offer alterations and fittings free of cost, and you can get your purchase fitted according to your size as well.

Focus On The Classic Look

Fashion trends seem to change with every passing minute. The best thing you can do to dress up in a classic manner is to keep away from them. Focus on styles which are all time classics and are never out of fashion. Go for such colors which bring out the best attributes of your personality and which do not make you look uncomfortable while wearing. In case you are totally smitten by a fashion trend, ask yourself if it will look good on you, will it be in accordance with your overall personality, and will it fit your body shape, before making a plunge.

Ignore The Brand Names

When it comes to dressing up sensibly, a really important rule is not to become a slave to all those leading brand names. In case you are tempted to buy some crazy expensive tailor dress shirts from Gucci, do ask yourself the reason of that purchase: do you actually need it or are you just attracted by the brand name? There is a high chance that the same style, design and color are available at some other retail with a price tag which suits your pocket well enough.

Experiment With Colors

Just as blacks, blues and grays are not just meant to be worn by men only; similarly, men can also wear all those corals, peaches and pinks present. Experimenting with colors actually is a great idea, especially with light and soothing colors. A peach colored shirt pairs up well with almost any other colors and actually brings out all that color on your face.

Remember That There Is A Lot More Than Denim For Men

If you think that you can just wear your favorite pair of jeans when it comes to dressing up casually, then you need to think again. Leave all that denim behind and buy some chinos and even trousers without pleats for a completely different yet a stylish look.

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