5 Simple Rules Of Dressing Up

There are rules for everything and the way you dress up has some hard and fast rules as well. If you think that wearing all those Versace jeans and D&G shirts is going to label you as stylish, then you are totally wrong. And, this is the biggest rule of all: wearing designer brands does not make you look good instantly. It is the fitting which counts the most. Let’s have a look at how to dress up by following these 5 simple rules.

Fitting is Essential

Ask any designer about the importance of fitting and you will get one answer that it is the key to how whatever you wear makes you look good. Whether it is your three-piece suits or your tailor dress shirts, the fitting matters the most. Remember that all the attire for men is supposed to create certain silhouettes which only can be offered by a perfect fitting. You do not always have to rush to a tailor to get everything stitched; instead you should try on whatever you are planning to buy in the store. Most of the stores offer alterations and fittings free of cost, and you can get your purchase fitted according to your size as well.

Focus On The Classic Look

Fashion trends seem to change with every passing minute. The best thing you can do to dress up in a classic manner is to keep away from them. Focus on styles which are all time classics and are never out of fashion. Go for such colors which bring out the best attributes of your personality and which do not make you look uncomfortable while wearing. In case you are totally smitten by a fashion trend, ask yourself if it will look good on you, will it be in accordance with your overall personality, and will it fit your body shape, before making a plunge.

Ignore The Brand Names

When it comes to dressing up sensibly, a really important rule is not to become a slave to all those leading brand names. In case you are tempted to buy some crazy expensive tailor dress shirts from Gucci, do ask yourself the reason of that purchase: do you actually need it or are you just attracted by the brand name? There is a high chance that the same style, design and color are available at some other retail with a price tag which suits your pocket well enough.

Experiment With Colors

Just as blacks, blues and grays are not just meant to be worn by men only; similarly, men can also wear all those corals, peaches and pinks present. Experimenting with colors actually is a great idea, especially with light and soothing colors. A peach colored shirt pairs up well with almost any other colors and actually brings out all that color on your face.

Remember That There Is A Lot More Than Denim For Men

If you think that you can just wear your favorite pair of jeans when it comes to dressing up casually, then you need to think again. Leave all that denim behind and buy some chinos and even trousers without pleats for a completely different yet a stylish look.

T-Shirt Printing: Why Custom T-Shirts Are Popular

T-shirt printing is a well-established means of embellishing a shirt, but why are custom t-shirts becoming increasingly more popular? Maybe that question will be answered if you walk into a sports store and check out the printing on the apparel, or visit an apparel store and check out the variety of printed designs on t-shirts.

Printed t-shirts can make a statement, and that statement can be unique to you if you arrange the printing yourself. Custom t-shirts display the wearers choice of image, photograph, logo or text that is unique to them and could also be designed by them. This is one way of displaying your artistic skills to your public – wear it on your chest and/or back (t-shirts have two sides.)

Here are some reasons for printed customized t-shirts having the popularity they have now:

Custom T-Shirts for Sports Teams and Other Organizations

Many sports teams have the name of the team printed on their casual wear: t-shirts, tanks, hoodies and so on. This is an easy way to advertise your club – and it need not be restricted to sports clubs. Any organization can print their logo or brand name on shirts and other forms of apparel for free advertising every time an item is worn in public.

You often see brand names such as Nike and Adidas on sportswear sold to the public, and you can do the same – to an extent. Your team or organization can have t-shirts and tanks printed with your name – and also with the wearer’s name if that makes it more likely for them to wear the garments. This is an excellent way to advertise your brand and get it into the eyes of the public. It has the same effect as TV advertising: getting eyes on the brand and imprinted in the brain.

Sell Custom Shirts in Your Own Store or Market Stall

If you have a store, you can use custom t-shirts for advertising and branding. However, there is nothing to stop you selling the shirts in your own store – at a discount price if you wish to persuade customers to wear apparel displaying your brand.

If you don’t have your own store, you can print t-shirts with your own design – even your own style of graffiti – and offer them for sale in retail stores. You can go 50/50 with the store owner until you get your style out on the streets – and then you can go it alone. Maybe start off by hiring a space in a local store, set up a some shelf space and sell your own t-shirts with your own unique designs printed on them.

Build Your Own T-Shirt Business

There’s nothing to stop you offering a t-shirt printing service for people wanting their own unique designs! You can take the orders and the designs, then pass these onto your printer. Collect them when printed, and collect cash from your customers – at a good profit, obviously! Your USP would be that people can wear designs that nobody else would have – you could even let them wear their own designs!

If you find your ideas are working, you could even offer your garments to local clothing outlets. You could give each outlet a unique design, sew your own labels onto them and Hey Presto! You have just built yourself your own business! It’s not as easy as it looks though, but it can be done with a bit of drive and enthusiasm.

Custom T-Shirt Printing: Summary

There are many ways to use custom t-shirts and custom tanks. All it takes is a bit of imagination, commitment and ingenuity and you can build yourself a thriving business. Many people have done just that! All you need is an eye for design and a printer who will print the garments for you. There are garment printers available if you know where to look. They will help you out with advice as well as printing your garments.

Custom t-shirt printing is not new, but if you can design your own motifs and slogans then you can easily build yourself a business. It costs you nothing to set up, and all you have to do is to deliver your customers’ images to the printer in the correct format and then wait for payment. T-shirt printing offers many benefits for the wearers, the designers and the entrepreneurs.

5 Bachelor Party T-Shirt Ideas

Marriage is an important milestone in almost all cultures. To commemorate marriage, it’s common for bridegrooms to go out with their friends one last time before the big day. This night is known as bachelor party. During the night the bachelor is allowed to enjoy all the activities that he was engaging in while he was single.

Over the years bachelor parties have become fancy and every person wants his friends to remember the night as long as possible. One of the ways of making the night memorable is using t-shirts. You (groom) and your friends should wear t-shirts with interesting messages. To help you out, here are t-shirt ideas that you should consider:

Dead man walking

Marriage is perceived as a serious institution that comes with it challenges such as disagreements, responsibilities and inconveniences of living with another person. Marriage is known for purging off the exciting life of being single.

A t-shirt with a slogan, “Dead man walking” is not only fun to look at, it also keeps your boys making fun of you throughout the night. This makes the party exiting. You can print the slogan at the back or front of your outfit. You can also print it both at the back and front.

Marriage, big mistake!

As mentioned above, there is the notion that marriage prevents one from having an exciting life. As a bachelor, you should approach this notion in a humorous way by having a t-shirt with big letters reading, “marriage, big mistake!” Just like the “dead man walking” message this message will keep your friends making fun of you. They will also remember the message for a long time.

Single for one more night

Most bachelors want to remain single for as long as they can so that they can continue having fun. Let your friends and everyone in the party know that your single life is over by printing the message, “single for one more night” at the back or front of the t-shirt.

Bachelor party support crew

Friends are important part of a bachelor party. To make it interesting, print t-shirts for them with the message, “bachelor party support crew.” For your friends to be easy to identify, ensure that the outfits are of the same color and style. For your friends to be comfortable wearing the outfits, ensure that the t-shirts perfectly fit everyone.

Bachelor party drinking team

The bachelor party is all about fun. In addition to dancing, drinking is an important party event. Make outfits for your friends with the message, “bachelor party drinking team” and you will always have something to talk about long after the party. Just like when designing the other outfits, ensure that all the t-shirts are of the same color.


These are ideas on bachelor party t-shirts. You can design them by yourself if you have the right skills, but for ideal results, hire a professional company to help you out.

Designer Clothes – Worth Your Money?

You know you want to own at least a piece of designer clothing, right? But as you whip out your wallet, the content tells you “No”. That is the way it has been for many people, they want it but they cannot afford it. The price of designer clothing has shunned people away, at the end of the day, why wear a super pricey coat when you can get one cheaper and serves the same purpose? The question remains, is there a difference? I think it depends on a few factors, whether you have the money, how often you are wearing them or are you buying for the sake of showing off? Below are a few factors why designer clothes could actually be worth your money, even when the price is sky-high.

1) Style and cut

Guess what? The style and cut of designer clothing are almost always nicer and better fitting. When fashion designers create their clothes, do you think they simply take an hour to draw and then throw the design to the fashion department to make the outfit and then boom, done. That is an obvious no. When it comes to designing, these geniuses will take plenty of time and effort to create the perfect piece. They will source for the best materials based on their expertise, and then meticulously scrutinize the final product. Designer clothes are rarely mass produced, so you will see how flawless each piece looks, and they hardly go out of style. Trust their artistic flair and you will know why.

2) High quality

You will rarely be disappointed with a piece of designer clothing. When designers create their outfits, they will source for the best materials and craft them together like magic. They feel outrageously comfortable and stylish, radiating a premium quality vibe. You will be surprised by their efforts, which leads me to the next point.

3) They tend to last longer

You might think I am pulling your leg, but really, you can test it out if you want. As designer clothing are made of such premium quality materials, no matter how many times you send them to your nearby dry-wash or how many times you wear them, they never seem to wear, in contrast to your normal clothes. This is because they are tested for durability and making sure they stay in shape. You will be awed.

4) Confidence and acknowledgement

Wearing stylish designer labels with boost your confidence because the outfit will fit you perfectly and you will feel good. So naturally, you will stand tall and proud as you saunter down the street. To make things better, if anyone you know were to meet you, you will actually wow them, therefore boosting your morale as you get acknowledged by them. So wearing designer labels is not all about the positives that the outfit brings to your body, but to your feelings and thoughts as well.

To sum things up, designer clothing brings about many benefits, but they come at a price, literally. Some people may point their fingers at the heavy price tag, while others are holding their credit cards between their index and middle fingers, ready to make the purchase. The point is, designers have one common goal, and that is to bring satisfaction and quality at the same time to make people look and feel good. They are focused, put in days, weeks and months of hard work, just to create that one original piece of clothing that defines class and perfection. Not everyone will agree with me on this article, but I hope that I have done some convincing. Save up and purchase one for yourself, and then thank me later.

Powerful Women Throughout History Wear Designer Furs Up, and You Should Too

As a professional woman, have you ever looked at your work wardrobe and remained unimpressed by your span of black, gray, and beige options? Do you look with envy at women in business-casual careers that are less limited in their fashion choices? Women in leadership positions in male-dominated industries often feel that they have to dress a certain, monotone way in order to command the same respect as their male counterparts.

What are you wearing to work every day to make it clear that you’re the boss? Are you looking to add a different tone to your outfits without seeming like you’re trying too hard? Do you want to stand out from the sea of beige and gray?

Designer furs have been in fashion since the 18th century. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors used them for warmth, and our more recent ancestors used them to portray wealth, prestige, and femininity. They add a natural air of power, versatility, and confidence to any outfit and any person. According to Fashion in Time, “Fashion furs in dress remained a status symbol over the centuries as they denoted lineage, rank, class, and prosperity.”

In England in the 1920s, two out of three women on any street wore fur, either as an accessory or as a coat. Films often use fur to portray the decadence and romanticism of specific time periods. The film Anna Karenina showcases the protagonist in multiple outfits that include fur. The main character Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby also is seen wearing designer furs. Both characters look effortlessly elegant, and their vintage styles serve as an homage to the past. Since 2010, fur has been included in the collections of over 400 international fashion designers. It does not look like the popularity is decreasing anytime soon.

Designer furs come in an unlimited variety of prices, styles, textures, and colors. You can find them in the catalogs of your favorite fashion designers and on the racks of your local boutiques. One infamous enthusiast is Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue. Other powerful women seen wearing these pieces include Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga. These modern women look effortlessly chic and so can you.

Women in power are often scrutinized for the professionalism of their outfits. Women live in a world where their appearance is often judged and compared. If you are bored with your current work wardrobe, try something new. Dress up like the men suit up. You are in this position of power for a reason. You deserve to look like a leader. For more inspiration, research period films and current celebrities who are a fan of this vintage fashion must.

6 Stylish and Trendy Outfit Ideas for Summer

Here are 6 fabulous summer outfit ideas for you.

1. Feel flowy and comfy

Women who are fond of wearing loose dresses will definitely enjoy doing this. Flowy cotton dresses are perfect for summer because light to wear, is important because you have to stay cool and classy even in the warmth of summer. Make sure to choose dresses are light in color such as white and yellow to somehow alleviate the heat of the sun. If you’re thinking of shoes, try sneakers to maintain that comfy feeling.

2. Classic tank

A very classic in summer involves your tank top and boyfriend pants. This pair never gets out of style especially during the sunny days because it flatters your body shape at the same time sprinkles some glam on your get-up. Create this along with wearing a sun hat and your most-loved sunglasses.

3. The Crop Top Fever

Crop tops have been rounds in countless fashion magazines and shows. Undoubtedly, it is the latest in the world of midriffs and hanging shirts. You can be very flexible with crop tops because you can wear it with pants, shorts, and even skirts. Knowing this summer must be an easy challenge if you have crop tops of various colors in your wardrobe.

4. Rockin’ a bikini

One of the best come from wearing bikinis. Summer is contextually similar to frolicking by the beach and you must agree that bikinis are by far the best thing you can be seen in. However, if you want to spice up that two-piece clothing, you can accentuate your look by wearing accessories like colored pearls and some pua shell necklace. This will surely hook you up with that great summer vibe.

5. Mad about prints

You can think of countless prints and still believe all will look fab on summer clothing. Your under the sun can consist of floral, boho, and geometric prints that can altogether fasten your look to a summer surprise. Printed clothing is a good choice if you are deciding on uniquely this summer.

6. White polos

White clothing has always been a part of whenever summer comes in. A top choice to wear for the sunny weather is a white polo. You can don this look especially when you want to cover up a bikini temporarily for a quick bite out o the beach. Wear this with denim shorts and decorated sandals and you’ll make heads turn with this fun.

Crazy and fun is what summer is all about and we should make the most out of it by trying on these different stylish outfit ideas. You can now mark your calendars and list down what to wear for every summer day. Explore and do not forget to take note of comfort and spunk in every get-up that you wear. These summer outfit ideas are definitely the best 6 fashion tips for you to try out this summer.

4 Tips on Choosing the Right Men’s Tailor

You may have often noticed that women forever seem to be more particular about how their clothes fit them, unlike men who do not bother much about how it fits. With every passing day, men seem to be more conscious of how they look and therefore there is an increasing demand for well-fitted clothes for men. The tailors too have gained popularity that is, in turn, making men look good and smart. Most men would agree to the fact that even if they purchase clothing from a store, it would require alterations to make it fit perfectly on the body. It not only enhances the body but also brings out the sense of fashion that a man possesses.

One would often find multiple clothing stores that have men’s tailors associated with them. There are independent tailors too who have their stores and invite people to come over for alterations or allowing men to customise their clothing and getting it stitched according to their choice. While you make a choice on the tailor that can help you with your clothing needs, here are a few tips that can be considered.

• Get references from your friends and neighbours – They are the best people to come to your rescue whenever you are in need of the right men’s tailor. They too may have availed such services and would be able to help you with names of stores that you could visit to get your clothes customised or altered.

• Look up the Internet – The Internet has emerged as being the best place for trade and business and therefore, you would find names and contact details of all possible men’s tailors around your vicinity. You can also find details on reviews that these tailors receive from the rest, this could even help you analyse their work.

• Pay a visit to the store – Any tailor who is a professional and perfect in whatever they do, would have a store that is neat and clean and have an excellent presentation. A gloomy store wouldn’t give a good impression of their services and would instead show that they are lazy and not updated with the latest trends. Therefore, paying a visit to all the tailors that you have listed could help you analyse the one that would be right for you.

• Test them well – There are various ways of testing a tailor and their services and you could start off with giving them a less needed clothing to alter and accordingly test their capabilities. You could also put forward your suggestions and watch them understand you needs and how they implement the same in the clothing that they prepare for you. When they pass these tests, you could then make a choice.

4 Reasons to Buy Custom Ties

There are many custom clothing options available on the market today, ranging from hoodies and polo shirts right through bags and accessories. Some of the more unusual options on the market are custom ties, which can be embroidered or printed with a particular colour or motif, depending on the person making the order.

Although custom ties might seem like an unusual choice of garment to customise, there are actually several situations where they are very appropriate, and therefore could be well worth your consideration. Here are some of the main occasions where a custom tie could be the perfect custom clothing item to invest in.

The first instance where one might invest in a custom tie is for business purposes. Often, businesses like to give out meaningful gifts to their loyal customers or valued associates, and ties can be perfect for doing this. Typical gifts are pens and office items, but customised and tailored garments are often great too.

The reason for this is that they provide a branding opportunity and are a particularly classy merchandising item to give away. Like high quality pens or even luxury watches, giving a tie as a gift to a valued client or colleague is an impressive way of honouring them for their custom or their partnership.

There is another great use for custom ties in business, and this is as part of any employee uniform. Typically we think of staff uniforms as being restricted to shirts, polos, t-shirts, trousers and fleeces, but a customised tie can also make all the difference to an outfit.

These particular items work very well with a more high class and sophisticated employee uniform, and can bear the company’s colours and logo in order that all staff can not only look very smart when delivering products or services, but also fit in with the company image. Furthermore, these garments can be relatively inexpensive to purchase, yet still look very smart and sophisticated.

Although custom ties are great in a business and commercial context, there are also a couple of instances where they are very well placed in more social scenarios. An example of this is at a wedding or other special occasion where a number of guests are required to dress in a particular colour theme or style.

For example, the best man or close family at a wedding might decide to wear the same colours in order to fit into a wedding theme, and customising a tie to go along with a shirt and suit combination can look very impressive indeed. This gives the bride and groom the chance to create a matching look for their wedding, much like buying matching bridesmaid dresses.

Again, there is a variety of colours and motifs to choose from, meaning that guests or hosts at any particular special social occasion can come up with a design that blends in, stands out or sends a particular message.

Lastly, custom ties also make fantastic gifts for friends and family, whether as a fun and light-hearted gift or as one that is entirely serious, coming up with a unique and stylish design that you simply cannot find in the shops. These garments can be customised with a comedy design, or instead incorporate many stylish features that are to the tastes of the recipient.

Although many people assume that you have to buy in bulk this is not necessarily the case, and instead people can just order one stylish tie as a gift for their friends and family. This means that the customisation option is open to everyone, whether they are a business person looking for corporate gifts or a family looking to give a meaningful, stylish present to a relative for their birthday.

Team Colours specialises in creating fully bespoke sportswear, offering great customisation options across all products so teams can get exactly what they require in the colours that suit. Our strengths include the flexibility of our design and manufacturing capability, and we are always keen to introduce new ideas and designs, giving teams a unique and distinctive look. Our range now extends to a wide selection of popular and niche sports, as well as sports leisurewear items such as custom tracksuits, polo shirts, hoodies and bags. We also stock various clothing ranges including school wear and workwear items. We aim to provide a uniquely friendly, one-to-one service to ensure we meet our customers’ requirements exactly, at a very realistic price.

How To Design Your Own T-Shirt

Designing your own custom T-shirt can be funny, exciting and a creative way to express yourself. There are many websites that give you the option of exploring your creative side by allowing you to upload your photo, design or image onto their T-shirt templates. You can either start from the scratch to create your own design or personalize an existing design available on the site. You can design a custom T-shirt either for yourself or to gift your friends or wife.

T-shirts have come a long way from their origin and are worn by people of all ages. They have become more glamorous with the internet revolution. Most online companies allow customers to design custom T-shirts using their own graphics, images and messages. Here is how you can design your own T-shirt:

Think of a Design– The purpose of your T-shirt will determine the design. If you are designing a T-shirt to advertise a company or brand, you will have to focus more on the logo. If you want to showcase a drawing or personal illustration, you will have to take into consideration the factors which will make it look good on the T-shirt. You can also use your photo or a photo available on the internet in your design.

Choose the Colors– Thinking about the color-contrast is very important while designing a T-shirt. You can choose the colors of your choice or colors that will go with your design and make it look more attractive and appealing.

Determine the Placement of the Design on the T-shirt– You will have to decide whether you want your design as a centered image or a wraparound image. It is always good to sketch your idea before placing it on the T-shirt. This way you can try different design and color combinations and choose the best one. If you have any doubt, you can take a second opinion from your friends or family members.

Use a Software to Create the Design– There are a number of software you can use to successfully design a T-shirt. These software come with various features which makes it very easy to create a design of your choice.

You can also add text of your choice to your custom T-shirt. Once you are finished with the design, you can upload it on one of the various websites that offer customization services. They will print your custom designed T-shirt and deliver it right at your doorstep.

The History of the Humble T-Shirt

The very first mention of T-shirts appears to have been just prior to 1913, after the end of the American-Spanish war. The US Navy issued T-shirts to their sailors to be worn as underwear. These early precursors of the modern version of the shirt were long, so that they could be easily tucked into the trousers, and they had a crew neck. They became known as T-Shirts simply because of their shape.

Sometime later, the US army also started to issue T-shirts to be worn as an undergarment. It was workers, like dock workers and farmers, who first began to wear the garments as outer clothing, because the shirts were cheap, cool, and they were very easy to clean and care for.

The first time that the short-sleeved shirt started to be worn as general causal wear was shortly after the Second World War, when de-mobbed servicemen wore their military underwear shirts as an outer garment.

It wasn’t until the 1950s, though, that the T-shirt became really fashionable and most people give credit to Marlon Brando for that happening. When people saw Brando wearing a T-shirt in A Streetcar Named Desire, American teens caught on to the idea and it started to become a fashion statement. It still took quite some time after this before the garment became acceptable enough to be worn by adults.

The very first printed T-shirts are thought to have been produced with Disney Characters printed on them in the mid to late 1950s, and printed shirts didn’t lose their childish image until the 1960s and 1970s. It was then that the shirt began to be used as a form expression and the first protest and political messages appeared printed on the shirts.

During the course of the 1970s, T Shirt design became more elaborate and printed shirts with company logos, rock band motifs, book covers, and the iconic smiley face, appeared on the scene.

In the 1980s, bold slogans began to become popular and TV shows, like Miami Vice, proved that a T-shirt could look cool and smart if it was worn with designer gear, such as Armani suits. During the late 1980s, the designer brands, like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein got in on the act and they started to produce T-shirts with their own logos on.

The T-shirt certainly has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a practical piece of underwear for American servicemen. It’s been a garment for the working man, an expression of youthful rebellion, a fashion statement, and now, it’s the most widely worn items of clothing in the world.

Whether it’s a Stephen King Pennywise the clown T-shirt, or a collection of plain T-Shirts, there is barely a wardrobe in the world now that doesn’t have at least one T-shirt tucked away somewhere inside it.